Unlocking Data’s Potential: How Advisia Enabled Pakuwon Group’s Data Transformation

In the dynamic landscape of real estate and mall management, data has emerged as a powerful tool for driving strategic decision-making and optimizing business processes. Recognizing this, Pakuwon Group, a leading real estate and mall management company in Indonesia, embarked on a journey of data transformation driven by its management’s vision. Pakuwon Group’s management understood […]

Adrian Hartanto

Adrian is an accomplished professional with expertise in machine learning engineering. He has a strong track record, having worked as a Machine Learning Engineer at Tokopedia and subsequently leading the machine learning engineering team at Finku. Adrian’s skills lie in leveraging machine learning algorithms to drive business growth and deliver innovative solutions in the technology sector


Kezia has experience in the banking and technology fields, having worked with reputable companies in both industries. The synergy between these two domains empowers her to identify opportunities, equipping her with the insights to leverage digital solutions, optimize operations, and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly tech-driven business landscape.

Arygianni Valentino

Ary is an experienced AI and data analytics consultant known for their client-centric approach and innovative strategies, driving operational optimization and sustainable growth for clients through their expertise in AI technologies and staying ahead of industry trends.