IBM Indonesia, Advisia Group, and KORIKA Release Study on Generative AI: Shaping Indonesia’s Business Ecosystem Tomorrow with Ethical AI

On the 6th of March 2024, Advisia Group & KORIKA (Kolaborasi Riset dan Inovasi Industri kecerdasan Artifisial), in collaboration with IBM Indonesia, released a groundbreaking study titled “Generative AI: Shaping Indonesia’s Business Ecosystem Tomorrow with Ethical AI.” Advisia Group, working together with IBM Indonesia and KORIKA, served as the researcher and data provider for the study. This marks a crucial step in understanding the role of AI in Indonesia’s business landscape. 

The study, conducted using a qualitative research method, was conducted by Advisia Group from January 5 to February 24, 2024. This research used a mixed approach of desk research, qualitative , and quantitative research. 

The qualitative aspect of this research was done through a purposive sampling and in depth interviews with 19 stakeholders. These stakeholders included academics, government representatives, AI community leaders, and business professionals at managerial and top-level who are leading operations, IT, data, marketing, and project management in financial service and manufacturing sectors. The quantitative aspect of this research was conducted through an online survey CASI (computer aided self-interview) to 40 business professionals at managerial and top-level who are leading operations, IT, data, marketing, and project management with 50% in the banking sector, 25% in manufacturing, and 25% in financial non-banking sectors

The findings of the study revealed significant insights into the adoption of AI technology among financial and manufacturing companies in Indonesia. According to the study, a large majority (62%) of these companies have already begun investing in pilot AI projects within their organisations. Additionally, 23% of the surveyed companies are currently in the process of incorporating AI into their business functions, indicating a growing trend towards AI adoption in Indonesia.

Roy Kosasih, IBM Indonesia’s President Director, emphasised the broad impact of adopting generative AI on businesses, highlighting its influence on decision-making, user journeys, and revenue generation. However, he emphasised that the focus should remain on the skills of the human resources using AI. He stated, “We are sure that with an interdisciplinary approach, which is a model that shows a reciprocal relationship between people, user, and AI development, it will generate a  positive outcome through human-AI collaboration.”

One of the main challenges highlighted in the study is the effective management of big data to make the best decisions, lessen risks, and handle and answer questions in real-time. This challenge underscores the importance of developing robust data management strategies and AI algorithms capable of processing and analysing large volumes of data efficiently.

Despite these challenges, the study emphasises the potential for AI to reshape Indonesia’s business ecosystem, with the country leading Southeast Asia in AI contributions. With a projected contribution of 366 billion USD to the national gross domestic product, Indonesia stands to benefit significantly from the integration and proper use of AI technology across various sectors.

The release of this study marks a significant milestone in Indonesia’s AI journey, highlighting the potential for AI to drive economic growth and transform industries. As Indonesia continues to embrace AI technology, it is expected to see further advancements and innovations that will enhance its position as a leader in AI adoption in the region.Advisia is honoured to be a part of this journey, and warmly welcomes any partners to reach out to explore this with us.