XCION 11th Conference & Exhibition: Charting The Future with Innovative and Secured Technologies

The XCION 11th Conference & Exhibition recently took place in the picturesque setting of Bali at Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, from the 4th to the 6th of March. This year, the event focused on the theme “Charting The Future with Innovative and Secured Technologies,” aiming to explore the latest trends and advancements in technology while emphasising the importance of security. Advisia was honoured to be part of the supporting organisations, working closely with XCION to drive home discussion of technology. 

On the 5th of March, the conference began in full swing with a series of speaking sessions featuring prominent industry leaders. Dr. Marcelino Pandin, commissioner of Telkom Indonesia, delivered the first keynote speech, focusing on the governance of technology development. He touched upon the importance of regulating AI, addressing social impacts, and highlighted strategies for Building Technology Capacity, including the combination of in-house and outsourced resources and tools for tech innovation. Dr. Marcelino also discussed financing cyber security, a crucial aspect of modern technological advancements.

Following Dr. Pandin’s insightful speech, Pak On Lee, CEO & CTO of GDP Labs and CTO of GDP Venture, took the stage to discuss “Zero-Knowledge Proof As a Service,” shedding light on this innovative approach to data security.

The conference continued with a panel discussion featuring the Diamond Sponsor from Digital China Group Co. Ltd., Mr Tony Chiu, Director, Softcorp, Timothy Szeto, CTO, Softcorp, and Jeff Yan, Overseas General Manager of DCTIS, discussed how China’s FinTech technology complements Indonesia’s Payment Systems Blueprint 2025, showcasing the potential for collaboration and growth in the region.

“The financial industry was heading towards a digitized era, and we offered our experience that’s been tested for 20 years” Tony Chiu quips. He also expressed his interest in supporting the conference because of China and Indonesia’s similarities in huge aspects such as social structure, government, and its financial industry. Softcorp’s director also mentioned how Indonesia could quickly transform through using the current technologies. The changes that have adapted with the current local situations require intensive connection and communication between investors, the government and private sectors. 

In one of the sessions of XCION 11th Conference & Exhibition, we got a chance to hear a session from Dr.Pratama Persadha, chairman of CISSReC, where he discussed the current hot topic: cybersecurity. He discusses how the security  in Indonesia could be much more efficient and stronger if the government opens the opportunity to work with private sectors in terms of cybersecurity. “So many institutions have their own SOC (Security Operation Center) and they do not communicate” 

With that, Pratama suggested building a partnership between the public and private sectors to accelerate security in Indonesia, and he claims that steps have been made to make this partnership come true. 

Pratama also predicts that cyber security threats in 2024 will still be dominated by web defacement, malware stealer, ransomware and advanced persistent threat. Pratama also mentioned how important all components of cyber resilience are. Components of cyber resilience were also listed as identifying critical assent, protection for our infrastructures and data, detection of cyber threat, response and recovery, as well as adaptive and continuous improvement. 

“By strengthening all of these components, Indonesia’s organised cyber resilience will be ready to face future challenges.” Pratama 

XCION’s 11th Conference proves once again to provide a platform to engage in thought-provoking discussions with industry leading solution providers, experts and leaders. One of the key topics explored was the increasing emphasis on regulation, security and the need for innovation amidst the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence and growth of the Indonesian economy with digitalisation. 

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